Compact disc

1. Simon and Garfunkel – The definitive, 2. Noah and the whale – First days of spring, 3. Mumford and Sons – Sigh no more, 4. Radiohead – The best of, 5. Noah and the whale – Peaceful, the world lays me down, 6. Bob Dylan – The Gaslight Tapes, 7. Radiohead – OK, computer, 8. John Mayer – Where the light is (live), 9. Bob Dylan – The collection, 10. John Mayer – Battle studies, 11. Jack Johnson – Sleep through the static, 12. Killers – Best of, 13. Lou Reed – Transformers.

Not on photo: John Mayer – Room for squares, John Mayer – Heavier things, John Mayer – Continuum, Lou Reed – The best of, David Bowie – Best of Bowie, Ben Folds – Songs for silverman.

I really like CDs. I listen to music every day and of course, I download a lot of music but some music you just have to have on CD. This is my little CD collection (photos + list below). It is still not complete but these are some really fine ones, I like them all very much. But if I had to name my all time favorites those would be: Sigh no more, First days of spring, Transformers, OK, computer, Where the light is, Songs for silverman.

Do you still buy CDs? What is your favorite CD?

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