Disposable love.

I love photography, especially analogue photography. I own a Canon ae-1, an Olympus trip, a minolta, a pentax and a Diana Mini. So far, I have only shot with the Canon and the Diana but I’m definitely gonna try out the other cameras. You can view my photography here
I like analogue photography because of the ambiance in the photos and the grainy quality. And it is always a surprise what your photos turned into. But it is kinda expensive, sometimes I don’t ‘dare’ to make a photo because I don’t know if it will look good and I don’t want to spill the film. But there’s a solution for that ‘problem’: disposable cameras! Of course the quality is not as good as a SLR camera but they are small, light-weight and cheap! So you can take them with you everywhere you go, and take shots of everything you pass through during your day (those sort of photos are actually the ones I like the most). So let me show you one of mine disposable camera photos:
Photos taken by me.

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