I have loved art since childhood.

I have always been a creative person. As a little kid I loved painting and drawing. I remember my dad taking me to art museums all over Europe. After a morning/afternoon at the museum I always bought a postcard of the painting I liked the most. Two years ago I went to the Metropolitan Museum of New York and I saw one of the most beautiful paintings in real life: The Starry Night by the Dutch painter Theo van Gogh. I really like his paintings, luckily there’s a Theo van Gogh museum in Amsterdam (much closer than New York!). But when it comes to artists there’s one number 1 for me: Gustav Klimt! I love his artwork and later I want some of his work hanging on my walls. Not the real deal (that would be too expensive) but a really nice copy. My favorite Gustav Klimt artwork is Water Serpents (shown on picture).

Do you have a passion for art too? What’s your favorite artist?

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