My room

I just moved so I have a new room. It is a quite special room, because it has a little gate in it. The wall with the gate devides the room in two seperate spaces. One small space, just big enough for my bed and an other space where I have put my desk and clothes. This is what it looked before, and the following photos will show you what it looks like right now.

Photos taken by me.

Looks much better huh? It is not ready yet, I have a board for my photos, cards, notes.. But I still have to put them on the board. I’ll show you the result when it’s finished! So what do you think about my room? And how does your room look? Comment please!

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  1. Mirthe

    nooooo way. je wil niet weten hoe graag in m’n bed in zo’n ruimte wil. echt als klein kind al. hahaha. super mooi. dus je woont nu op kamers? waar?

  2. Marlous

    Nee ik woon niet op kamers, mijn vader is verhuisd (eerst woonden we in een appartement in het centrum). Maar gaaf he? Terwijl toen ik de allereerste foto zag (die verstopt zit onder de tekst) dacht ik echt ‘ah nee wat moet ik met dit kleine hok’ haha.

  3. Imelda

    OH dat ziet er geweldig gezellig uit! Ik wil daar wonen :)


  4. Marion

    I know this post is almost a year old, but I LOVE your room! I’m working my way through your blog, beginning with the oldest posts. Really enjoying it all! And these photos are beautiful.


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