A Box full of luck

My mom is traveling through India right now, she’ll come back within 3 weeks and I thought it would be nice to give her a little present when she comes back. I know usually someone who travels brings back souvenirs but I just found a perfect gift for my mother: a box full of luck. Photos are taken with my mobile phone so the quality is a bit sucky..

(the note says: “the biggest step towards happiness is to stop worrying“)
So basically it’s just a box full of notes. Like a big fortune cookie. I hope she likes it. I bought it at a Fair Trade shop, but you’ll probably find it at more stores.

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  1. litalicious

    he superleuk
    dat zou ik ook wel willen^^
    leuke blog trouwens, ik ga je meteen volgen x

  2. Lena

    It’s amazing interesting and surprising. You’ve great ideas. Congratulates the inventiveness and creativity. Your mother will be delighted

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