I really like birds. I think they’re beautiful creatures and they’re able to do something I can’t: fly. I just find out this amazing blog, Color me Katie. She is very creative and a huge inspiration to me! And now I have found something incredible: she cut out birds of magazines and sticked them on to a wall. I’m definitely gonna do this too!
Amazing, isn’t it? Click here to check out Katies blog for much more inspirational ideas! All photos in this post belong to Katie.

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  1. litalicious

    Woow, ik wil echt zo’n vogels in mijn kamer maken ! Of naast de trap
    echt leuk
    kheb weeral inspiratie opgedaan hihi ^^

  2. lies

    ohhhh ik vind je laatste paar posts die ik nog niet gelezen had echt super! je dummy en quote boek zijn om jaloers op te worden en die foto’s in bad zijn ook heel mooi! :)

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