One of my best friends went to New York last Christmas holidays and she bought me some presents! I love getting presents!

I got a I ♥ NY tshirt. I’m not sure if I’m actually gonna wear this but I just wanted to have one. No worries, I’m not one of those who wears a ‘I ♥ City’ shirt without really having spent some days there. I just forgot to buy one when I visited New York! She also bought me a cool keyring, shaped as a camera which actually flashes and makes a sound! And she gave me a really cool book, called ‘This Book will change your life’, containing 365 pages (one for each day) with instructions for every day!
I tried to catch the flashlight on camera. It flashes two times, haha I love it! I’m not sure if I’m gonna put it on my keys, I’m afraid it gets broken.
A close up from the cover and the back of the book. It’s a hilarious book, I’m really gonna follow up all the instructions (at least I’m gonna try to do that), hopefully it will change my life. I photographed some pages to get the idea of the book:
(click on the pictures for a larger image)
Here is a link to, with daily instructions (just like the ones in the book!).

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  1. japke

    cadeautjes krijgen is nog leuker als je niet weet wat voor! en wat een super leuke cadeautjes!

  2. T

    ik schrok even want ik heb alle drie de dingen hahaah, dat boek is best wel grappig

  3. T

    ik heb het boek in 2009 gekocht en random dingen gedaan

  4. Esther

    haha ik heb dat boek in Londen gekocht maar met een andere kaft. Maar die dingen ga ik écccht niet allemaal doen. Bijv: bezoek een mortuarium.Maar de kaft is anders..miss zijn er meerere versies. Er staan echt grappige dingen in. Waar heb je trouwens die stempel gekocht?

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