I can’t sleep so I decided to make a wishlist of some things I want at the moment.

1. A new pair of Vans. 3 years ago I bought my first pair of Vans in New York, authentics lo pro navy. I wore them everyday so after a year I had to buy a new pair. I bought blue authentics. And now I want Vans Era, not sure which color but I think I’ll get them in navy.
2. Thanks to my boyfriend (that’s a long story) I still haven’t got this watch, and I want it so bad! But apparently it’s not available in The Netherlands, and it sold out online. I can only find it on Ebay but I have never bought something on Ebay before so I don’t really dare to buy it on Ebay. I’m afraid it’s fake or it won’t arrive..
3. I want a little simple golden swallow necklace. This one is from Urban Outfitters, I posted about it before but it’s sold out. I haven’t found another swallow necklace yet, I don’t like most of them or they are on sale on foreign webshops with high shipping costs..
4. I need a new battery for my Canon AE 1 (SLR). I have no idea how much these batteries cost but I hope they aren’t too expensive. I hate spending money on these kind of things.

I also have to start to think about a birthday present for my boyfriend. He’s turning 19 in march (I know, march, it’s only january at the moment but I’m already thinking about this haha!) and I have no idea what to buy! Any ideas?

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  1. Met verjaardagscadeaus voor liefkes kan ik u niet helpen, maar dat casio horloge heb ik zelf ook, uit de urban outfitters! Profiteer ervan en maak een tripje naar Antwerpen?

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