Dustin O’Halloran

I have played the piano for 9 years. I quitted when my teacher moved to England. Since then I rarely played piano anymore. But I still love piano music, I wish I had more time to play again. I just discovered this amazing piano artist called 'Dustin O'Halloran'. His music is really emotional and I really like it. I know it's not Lady Gaga or Rihanna but please give it a try, you will like it.Opus 23Opus 18Opus 36 (I really like this video!)

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Look what I found

Two globes! The big one is from my brother (ah well, he got it 10 years ago for his birthday. I don't think he knows about the existence of this globe anymore) and the small one is from my mother, it's a really old one. I love globes and maps so I'm extremely happy that I found these!

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A Box full of luck

My mom is traveling through India right now, she'll come back within 3 weeks and I thought it would be nice to give her a little present when she comes back. I know usually someone who travels brings back souvenirs but I just found a perfect gift for my mother: a box full of luck. Photos are taken with my mobile phone so the quality is a bit sucky..(the note says: "the biggest step towards happiness is to stop worrying")So basically it's just a box full of notes. Like a big fortune cookie. I hope she likes it. I bought it at a Fair Trade shop, but you'll probably find it at more stores.

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S Club 7 Bring it all backOh god nostalgia!! Haha I love this song! I still know the lyrics by heart, even though I haven't listen to this for ages! Although I like techno or singer-songwriter music, this is awesome and sometimes I just miss the 'old music' from the '90 and '00. What is your favorite 'oldie'?

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Laura Marling

(source)You probably already know her. She is a 20 year old indie/folk singer-songwriter from London. Her second album came out this year and I really love it! She has also worked with Mumford & Sons (I discoverd Mumford&Sons last year by listening to Laura) and Johnny Flynn. Some of my favorites:Travel light (featuring Johnny Flynn)New RomanticYou're no God

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I don't think I have to tell you what 'Tumblr' is, but what you might not know is that I'm a huge tumblr fan! I have two tumblrs, one random tumblr where I collect all the quotes, songs, photography and texts I really like, found on the internet. And one about New York because I love that city. I started my tumblr more than 1,5 years ago and I'm hooked. Of course it's a pity that some users don't credit people when they put their photos on their tumblr and there are a lot of tumblr with the usual weheartit crap but I really think tumblr is awesome!My tumblrs are Quiver and Newyorq, please take a look at them! My favorite tumblrs at the moment are:http://orientaltiger.tumblr.comhttp://mysteriousdancing.tumblr.comhttp://crookedteethh.tumblr.comhttp://crack-attack.tumblr.comhttp://papertissue.tumblr.comhttp://fashionfever.tumblr.comhttp://beautifullysuicidal.tumblr.comhttp://-avant.tumblr.comhttp://soggiorno.tumblr.comhttp://hicourtney.tumblr.comhttp://binds.tumblr.comhttp://thegreatbookoffairytales.tumblr.comhttp://inspirasjontakk.tumblr.comDo you have a tumblr?

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(source: Nirrimi)(source: Szabo)There haven't been many updates lately because I'm very busy at the moment. But I'll try to update more from now on. I have been outside all day today and it's so wonderful to see the colors of the trees changing. I think I'll take my camera with me tomorrow to shoot some lovely autumn pictures.

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Winter be kind.

(source)It's getting colder here, leafs are falling down and the frosty nights are back! I tuck myself in with lots of scarfs (which I love, I love wearing scarfs), I drink a lot of hot chocolate and listen to Amos Lee (love). I can't wait to see the world changing in a landscape like the photo, but I hope it's gonna be a soft winter. Last years winter was TOO cold with TOO MUCH snow. So please winter, be kind.

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