S Club 7 Bring it all back Oh god nostalgia!! Haha I love this song! I still know the lyrics by heart, even though I haven’t listen to this for ages! Although I like techno or singer-songwriter music, this is awesome and sometimes I just miss the ‘old music’ from the ’90 and ’00. What is your favorite ‘oldie’?
(source) You probably already know her. She is a 20 year old indie/folk singer-songwriter from London. Her second album came out this year and I really love it! She has also worked with Mumford & Sons (I discoverd Mumford&Sons last year by listening to Laura) and Johnny Flynn. Some of my favorites: Travel light (featuring Johnny Flynn) New Romantic You’re no God
1. Simon and Garfunkel – The definitive, 2. Noah and the whale – First days of spring, 3. Mumford and Sons – Sigh no more, 4. Radiohead – The best of, 5. Noah and the whale – Peaceful, the world lays me down, 6. Bob Dylan – The Gaslight Tapes, 7. Radiohead – OK, computer, 8. John Mayer – Where the light is (live), 9. Bob Dylan – The collection, 10. John Mayer –
I read this book during my summer holidays. And I have to admit: it is one of my favorite books ever! It’s a really weird book (I can’t really explain it, you have to see it for yourself) but why I actually started to read it was because of the beautiful quotes it has. Lots of beautiful quotes. Let me show you some of my favorites: She was extending a hand that I didn’t
When my boyfriend and I are bored, we always make photos with a funny online photobooth. There are really cool ones on the world wide web! Let me show you my favorites: www.cameroid.com Really funny photobooth with a lot of distortion options. Also effects and frames. www.laphotocabine.com A really cool vintage photobooth. You can choose between colors and b/w and size. It’s really realistic and: it is French! www.photololz.com Just normal photos with a