The good old times

I like looking at old photos. I really love analogue photos and I love to see me and my brothers as little kiddies. And I like to see what great style of clothing my parents used to have haha. I have found some old photos of me and I want to share them with you!I have always loved to take pictures. I still love photography.yummy! I still really like ice cream.With my older brothers. Looked a bit like a boy when I was younger.But that changed when I became a little older. This was my favorite dress.And well this.. haha is just weird.

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Click!I just discovered Bloglovin and I really like it! It's much more clear and easy to use. So don't follow me with google friend, but follow me with Bloglovin! I will delete the blogs I follow with google friend but I already follow them on Bloglovin. So don't worry, I'm still following you!

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Lazy sundays

Today is just a typical lazy sunday. I'm doing my homework, I'm studying for my driving theory test and listening to Mumford and Sons. But I decided to make this sunday a little bit special by making cupcakes and fresh grape juice, made of the grapes from our garden.The grape juice tasted so good! I had never tasted fresh grape juice before, only the ones that you can buy at the supermarket. It tasted like a smoothie, like if there were not only grapes in it but also oranges and apples! And it is super super healthy, definitely gonna do this a lot more from now on!

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I like to puzzle

Photos by meI like to puzzle. Especially now winter is coming. Cold, rainy days, a hot cup of chocolate milk and a puzzle.. yes! I actually made this puzzle last summer because I was bored but I really liked the puzzle. It's an old photo from 1978. And I know, there's one missing piece :(Do you ever make puzzles?

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