I like to puzzle

Photos by meI like to puzzle. Especially now winter is coming. Cold, rainy days, a hot cup of chocolate milk and a puzzle.. yes! I actually made this puzzle last summer because I was bored but I really liked the puzzle. It's an old photo from 1978. And I know, there's one missing piece :(Do you ever make puzzles?

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Disposable love.

sourceI love photography, especially analogue photography. I own a Canon ae-1, an Olympus trip, a minolta, a pentax and a Diana Mini. So far, I have only shot with the Canon and the Diana but I'm definitely gonna try out the other cameras. You can view my photography here. I like analogue photography because of the ambiance in the photos and the grainy quality. And it is always a surprise what your photos turned into. But it is kinda expensive, sometimes I don't 'dare' to make a photo because I don't know if it will look good and I don't want to spill the film. But there's a solution for that 'problem': disposable cameras! Of course the quality is not as good as a SLR camera but they are small, light-weight and cheap! So you can take them with you everywhere you go, and take shots of everything you pass through during your day (those sort of photos are actually the ones I like the most). So let me show you one of mine disposable camera photos:Photos taken by me.

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I have loved art since childhood.

sourceI have always been a creative person. As a little kid I loved painting and drawing. I remember my dad taking me to art museums all over Europe. After a morning/afternoon at the museum I always bought a postcard of the painting I liked the most. Two years ago I went to the Metropolitan Museum of New York and I saw one of the most beautiful paintings in real life: The Starry Night by the Dutch painter Theo van Gogh. I really like his paintings, luckily there's a Theo van Gogh museum in Amsterdam (much closer than New York!). But when it comes to artists there's one number 1 for me: Gustav Klimt! I love his artwork and later I want some of his work hanging on my walls. Not the real deal (that would be too expensive) but a really nice copy. My favorite Gustav Klimt artwork is Water Serpents (shown on picture).Do you have a passion for art too? What's your favorite artist?

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My room

I just moved so I have a new room. It is a quite special room, because it has a little gate in it. The wall with the gate devides the room in two seperate spaces. One small space, just big enough for my bed and an other space where I have put my desk and clothes. This is what it looked before, and the following photos will show you what it looks like right now.Photos taken by me.Looks much better huh? It is not ready yet, I have a board for my photos, cards, notes.. But I still have to put them on the board. I'll show you the result when it's finished! So what do you think about my room? And how does your room look? Comment please!

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