Sun sun sun all over our bodies

Ik hou van lijstjes. Dus ook van verlanglijstjes. En er gaat nou eenmaal niets boven een echt, papieren, 'analoog' lijstje. En het weer is ook zeer geschikt om buiten te knippen en te plakken. Dus zie hier, een 'echt' verlanglijstje, voor komende lente. Want die begint morgen al!Translation: I like making lists and there's no such thing as a real, 'analog' list. The weather is really nice so I made this list while enjoying the weather in our backyard.Klik voor vergroting!Ik ga binnenkort maar eens naar de Accessorize want ik vind de zonnebril en de rugtas echt geweldig! De oranje nagellak heb ik stiekem al ;-)

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Ik heb wat nieuwe spulletjes en het leek me leuk om ze te laten zien. Ja, ik houd van streepjes. Moge dat duidelijk zijn :)2 schattige truitjes met 3/4 mouw (ze zijn iets kort, net geen cropped sweaters, maar dat vind ik er juist zo leuk aan! ohja, en ik kon niet kiezen welke kleur ik het leukst vond). H&MDunne, beetje oversized streepjes trui van H&M, van vriendje gekregen.Bodysplash die lekker naar bloesem en lente ruikt, wat ik heerlijk vind! Van H&M, ook van vriendje gekregen.Ik heb weer even m'n kamer opgeruimd en m'n kledingrek opnieuw geordend. Dat vind ik leuk om te doen. De ene keer hangen er bloemenprintjes, dan streepjes, dan grijze kleuren.. Dit keer nude tinten en streepjes. Translation: some new clothes I bought. I know, a lot of stripes but I love stripes!

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I can't sleep so I decided to make a wishlist of some things I want at the moment.1. A new pair of Vans. 3 years ago I bought my first pair of Vans in New York, authentics lo pro navy. I wore them everyday so after a year I had to buy a new pair. I bought blue authentics. And now I want Vans Era, not sure which color but I think I'll get them in navy.2. Thanks to my boyfriend (that's a long story) I still haven't got this watch, and I want it so bad! But apparently it's not available in The Netherlands, and it sold out online. I can only find it on Ebay but I have never bought something on Ebay before so I don't really dare to buy it on Ebay. I'm afraid it's fake or it won't arrive..3. I want a little simple golden swallow necklace. This one is from Urban Outfitters, I posted about it before but it's sold out. I haven't found another swallow necklace yet, I don't like most of them or they are on sale on foreign webshops with high shipping costs..4. I need a new battery for my Canon AE 1 (SLR). I have no idea how much these batteries cost but I hope they aren't too expensive. I hate spending money on these kind of things.I also have to start to think about a birthday present for my boyfriend. He's turning 19 in march (I know, march, it's only january at the moment but I'm already thinking about this haha!) and I have no idea what to buy! Any ideas?oh and don't forget to join my little give away :)

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Christmas wishlist

1. Magnetic poetry kit (but I prefer the Dutch 'Koelkast Poëzie' version), 2. Super big comfy slippers! 3. A phototrail to expose your photos (or christmas cards!), 4. A Lush giftbox, 5. A cool scrapbook, 6. Notebooks, lot's of notebooks!What's on your wishlist?

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If I ever get married..

.. I want it to be like this. A cute little outdoor wedding on a sultry summer evening with lanterns and cupcakes. No big traditional white dress, but just a cute vintage light pink dress.And I definitely want a photobooth and a typwriter so the guests can take photos and leave a message!(source photos: unknown, google)

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