Remember my Christmas wishlist post? I couldn’t wait until Christmas so I already bought the scrapbook myself. I thought it would be nice to use it as a photoalbum for my analogue prints. Yesterday Christmas holidays started and holidays are always a perfect time for creating photoalbums. There’s enough space for more photos but hey, … Lees verder Photo album »

Remember I told you about my mother’s trip? She went to India and Nepal for 4 weeks. She just came back last saturday with amazing stories and incredible photos. She also brought presents for us (I got a Nepalese cap, a little sculpture of Ganesh and a scarf made of yakwool). I really want to … Lees verder Photos of my mom’s trip »

oh this is SO funny haha, I really laughed my ass off while checking! It´s hilarious and really recognizable. I once sent a text message to my boyfriend, asking if ´Milošević´ was dropping by.. I meant ´Milo´, one of his friends, not ´Milošević´ of course.. Have you ever had a funny typo (caused by the … Lees verder Damn you autocorrect! »