When my boyfriend and I are bored, we always make photos with a funny online photobooth. There are really cool ones on the world wide web! Let me show you my favorites: www.cameroid.com Really funny photobooth with a lot of distortion options. Also effects and frames. www.laphotocabine.com A really cool vintage photobooth. You can choose … Lees verder Online photobooths »

(source) I have found such an inspirational Flickr page! It is Patrick Ng’s Flickr page. He’s a ‘stationary and gift buyer’. He’s also very creative, he makes beautiful postcards and leather cases for cool analogue cameras. He also has a lot of Moleskine notebooks full of drawings.. It really inspires me, every photo makes me … Lees verder Traveling & Stationery »

Hoi lezer! Welkom op Last days of Spring, mijn persoonlijke lifestyle blog. Ik ben Marlous en ik blog hier sinds najaar 2010 over fotografie, eten, reizen, do it yourselfs, en interieur. Wil je meer over mij weten? Lees dan mijn ‘about pagina’.Ik schrijf voornamelijk in het Nederlands (met kleine Engelse samenvattingen), alle graphics zijn in … Lees verder New reader? Start here! »