I love instant noodles

(source unknown)I love instant noodles. I don't know why, I love them even more than 'real noodles'. Asian food is one of my favorites, but there's nothing better thant instant noodles. And guess what. Because I'm too lazy to cook dinner tonight, I'm eating instant noodles for dinner! Yummy!

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The good old times

I like looking at old photos. I really love analogue photos and I love to see me and my brothers as little kiddies. And I like to see what great style of clothing my parents used to have haha. I have found some old photos of me and I want to share them with you!I have always loved to take pictures. I still love photography.yummy! I still really like ice cream.With my older brothers. Looked a bit like a boy when I was younger.But that changed when I became a little older. This was my favorite dress.And well this.. haha is just weird.

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Inspiration: breakfast

(source: 1, ?, 3)I really like watching photos of food, especially of breakfast. But the weird thing is, I rarely eat a good breakfast. Usually I'm to tired and I prefer to sleep a little longer instead of eating a good breakfast. Also, we don't really have special things to make a breakfast with. Well I could buy croissants or make a fruit salad but I don't really have the time for that on schooldays. And in the weekend.. mostly by the time I get up, it's already time for lunch ;)

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Click!I just discovered Bloglovin and I really like it! It's much more clear and easy to use. So don't follow me with google friend, but follow me with Bloglovin! I will delete the blogs I follow with google friend but I already follow them on Bloglovin. So don't worry, I'm still following you!

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