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I like my room and I like to show it to you! Remember this post? My room was just finished back then. Now I have added some things.1. A Gustav Klimt calendar. I love Gustav Klimt. 2. A world map. I love world maps. 3. (a part of) My clothes and a huge canvas of Vampire Weekend (an you can see my canon!).

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One of my best friends went to New York last Christmas holidays and she bought me some presents! I love getting presents!I got a I ♥ NY tshirt. I'm not sure if I'm actually gonna wear this but I just wanted to have one. No worries, I'm not one of those who wears a 'I ♥ City' shirt without really having spent some days there. I just forgot to buy one when I visited New York! She also bought me a cool keyring, shaped as a camera which actually flashes and makes a sound! And she gave me a really cool book, called 'This Book will change your life', containing 365 pages (one for each day) with instructions for every day!I tried to catch the flashlight on camera. It flashes two times, haha I love it! I'm not sure if I'm gonna put it on my keys, I'm afraid it gets broken.A close up from the cover and the back of the book. It's a hilarious book, I'm really gonna follow up all the instructions (at least I'm gonna try to do that), hopefully it will change my life. I photographed some pages to get the idea of the book:(click on the pictures for a larger image)Here is a link to, with daily instructions (just like the ones in the book!).

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Diana Mini

Last summer, I bought a Diana mini. I took a lot of photos with it last summer but then forgot to develop them. Last week I got them developed but I was a bit dissapointed.. There were only 25 photos (out of 35 dias) developed and most of them sucked. I also hoped that de double exposures would be great but they are just boring. But I guess this was just an test and of course it's not as good as my analogue canon SLR. I think I will try again and if it sucks again I'll sell it. Maybe lomography is just not my thing haha. Anyways, some shots made with my Diana mini:All photos are taken by me. For more: flickr.

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