Diana Mini

Last summer, I bought a Diana mini. I took a lot of photos with it last summer but then forgot to develop them. Last week I got them developed but I was a bit dissapointed.. There were only 25 photos (out of 35 dias) developed and most of them sucked. I also hoped that de double exposures would be great but they are just boring. But I guess this was just an test and of course it's not as good as my analogue canon SLR. I think I will try again and if it sucks again I'll sell it. Maybe lomography is just not my thing haha. Anyways, some shots made with my Diana mini:All photos are taken by me. For more: flickr.

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Last week..

..was amazing! Last tuesday my boyfriend and I went to Antwerp, for two days. The weather was nice (a lot less snow than in holland!) and the hotel was perfect. We spent the first day shopping for Christmas presents and of course we shopped some clothes. I took him to my favorite store (Urban Outfitters) and he loved it as well.The second day we visited the Christmas market and walked around a bit. We ate 'flemish fries' and took a lot of photos. At night we went to a bar and when I ordered a 'baco' (bacardi cola) they gave me this (whoops! that's a little bit too much bacardi haha). Anyways, I finally found the perfect cardigan and a cute dress for Christmas/NYE. And my boyfriend gave me the cutest hat EVER! Unfourtunately I only have some bad quality photos of my new stuff but it will do:(I'm wearing the hat on the first picture)I also got presents from my parents and my boyfriend's parents (another good thing about having a boyfriend hehe). From my parents I got:A book about how to unravel dreams, some 'luck cards' and a book about Gustav Klimt, (I love his art!) and some money. From my boyfriends parents I got:A huge grey circle scarf, a very cute little chocolate fondue with swiss chocolate and a Kings of Leon CD.It was a wonderful week full of presents as you can see! Right now I have to make some homework and friday I'll go to my boyfriend to spent NYE with him and friends. How was your Christmas? What did you get from Santa?Oh and one important question, is there someone reading my blog who lives in Antwerp? I forgot to buy something and I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Maybe someone could…

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Yesterday we finally decorated our Christmas tree. I really like it, especially the fresh smell of  a Christmas tree. Today I went shopping Christmas gifts and tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to Antwerp! I'm so excited, we've never done things like this before together. We'll stay one night so we have lots of time for shopping and sightseeing! I really want to go to Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite stores), 'Museum van de Schone Kunsten' and have some real Belgium hot chocolate. Are there any other things I should do/see/visit? Please let me know! Happy holidays :)As you can see, there's a lot of snow overhere! Probably 20cm? Maybe even more, I don't believe I have ever seen this much snow (in the Netherlands) in my entire life!!

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Photo album

Remember my Christmas wishlist post? I couldn't wait until Christmas so I already bought the scrapbook myself. I thought it would be nice to use it as a photoalbum for my analogue prints. Yesterday Christmas holidays started and holidays are always a perfect time for creating photoalbums. There's enough space for more photos but hey, it's a start!I like the way it looks, quite kitschy haha!Some of my photos. For more photos you can check my Flickr page.

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Upcoming week is going to be very stressful! In fact, it started today. I forgot about a deadline for a major project so I worked all day today, from 12 am untill.. well now? There's also a huge Spanish grammar test coming up (wednesday), an English report (also on wednesday) and a paper about.. I don't even know! So yes this is gonna be a stressful week.. But Christmas holiday starts this saturday so there will be no school for 2 weeks! What are your plans for christmas? I'm going to Antwerp with my boyfriend, celebrate Christmas with my family in Belgium and party my ass off on NYE! I won't be updating much this week but I promise to update before the end of the year ;)

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Photos of my mom’s trip

Remember I told you about my mother's trip? She went to India and Nepal for 4 weeks. She just came back last saturday with amazing stories and incredible photos. She also brought presents for us (I got a Nepalese cap, a little sculpture of Ganesh and a scarf made of yakwool). I really want to show you her photos because they're so beautiful!First a musicclip of Tibetan/Nepalese temple music. She also bought a CD with this music and in fact, I really like it. Listen to it while looking at the photos :)All photos taken by Elianne Jessen. You can see the whole set (because there are a lot more photos!) here. I hope you like them as much as I do :)

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Damn you autocorrect!

oh this is SO funny haha, I really laughed my ass off while checking damnyouautocorrect.com! It´s hilarious and really recognizable. I once sent a text message to my boyfriend, asking if ´Milošević´ was dropping by.. I meant ´Milo´, one of his friends, not ´Milošević´ of course.. Have you ever had a funny typo (caused by the autocorrection on your phone)? These are my favorites on damnyouautocorrect.com:

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