Inspiration: breakfast

(source: 1, ?, 3)I really like watching photos of food, especially of breakfast. But the weird thing is, I rarely eat a good breakfast. Usually I'm to tired and I prefer to sleep a little longer instead of eating a good breakfast. Also, we don't really have special things to make a breakfast with. Well I could buy croissants or make a fruit salad but I don't really have the time for that on schooldays. And in the weekend.. mostly by the time I get up, it's already time for lunch ;)

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Click!I just discovered Bloglovin and I really like it! It's much more clear and easy to use. So don't follow me with google friend, but follow me with Bloglovin! I will delete the blogs I follow with google friend but I already follow them on Bloglovin. So don't worry, I'm still following you!

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Compact disc

1. Simon and Garfunkel - The definitive, 2. Noah and the whale - First days of spring, 3. Mumford and Sons - Sigh no more, 4. Radiohead - The best of, 5. Noah and the whale - Peaceful, the world lays me down, 6. Bob Dylan - The Gaslight Tapes, 7. Radiohead - OK, computer, 8. John Mayer - Where the light is (live), 9. Bob Dylan - The collection, 10. John Mayer - Battle studies, 11. Jack Johnson - Sleep through the static, 12. Killers - Best of, 13. Lou Reed - Transformers.Not on photo: John Mayer - Room for squares, John Mayer - Heavier things, John Mayer - Continuum, Lou Reed - The best of, David Bowie - Best of Bowie, Ben Folds - Songs for silverman.I really like CDs. I listen to music every day and of course, I download a lot of music but some music you just have to have on CD. This is my little CD collection (photos + list below). It is still not complete but these are some really fine ones, I like them all very much. But if I had to name my all time favorites those would be: Sigh no more, First days of spring, Transformers, OK, computer, Where the light is, Songs for silverman.Do you still buy CDs? What is your favorite CD?

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Extremely loud & incredibly close

I read this book during my summer holidays. And I have to admit: it is one of my favorite books ever! It's a really weird book (I can't really explain it, you have to see it for yourself) but why I actually started to read it was because of the beautiful quotes it has. Lots of beautiful quotes. Let me show you some of my favorites:She was extending a hand that I didn’t know how to take, so I broke its fingers with my silence.She wants to know if I love her, that’s all anyone wants from anyone else, not love itself but the knowledge that love is there, like new batteries in the flashlight in the emergency kit in the hall closet.I felt that night, on the stage, incredibly close to everything in the universe, but also extremely alone. I wondered, for the first time in my life, if life was worth all the work it took to live. What exactly made it worth it? What’s so horrible about being dead forever, and not feeling anything, and not even dreaming? What’s so great about feeling and dreaming?It’s the tragedy of loving, you can’t love anything more than something you missI felt suddenly shy. I was not used to shy. I was used to shame. Shyness is when you turn your head away from something you want. Shame is when you turn your head away from something you do not want. Sometimes I can hear my bones strainging under the weight of all the lives I'm not living.Pretty amazing? I know! It's written by Jonathan Safran Foer, and he has written more awesome books! Make sure you read this book, it's so amazing. You can read the book here but I'm not sure it cantains every page (I think those are only…

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Lazy sundays

Today is just a typical lazy sunday. I'm doing my homework, I'm studying for my driving theory test and listening to Mumford and Sons. But I decided to make this sunday a little bit special by making cupcakes and fresh grape juice, made of the grapes from our garden.The grape juice tasted so good! I had never tasted fresh grape juice before, only the ones that you can buy at the supermarket. It tasted like a smoothie, like if there were not only grapes in it but also oranges and apples! And it is super super healthy, definitely gonna do this a lot more from now on!

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I like to puzzle

Photos by meI like to puzzle. Especially now winter is coming. Cold, rainy days, a hot cup of chocolate milk and a puzzle.. yes! I actually made this puzzle last summer because I was bored but I really liked the puzzle. It's an old photo from 1978. And I know, there's one missing piece :(Do you ever make puzzles?

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